Pissa Ruler - Angles Measurement Tool in Degrees and Radians on Screen

09/02/20222 min read
The 360° protractor measuring angles in Degrees and Radians on Screen: refine workflow, save time.

After capturing any actual object that has a suitable incline for the design, it may take thousand of time to put the selected image into a specific software to estimate.

Save your time, Pissa Ruler is a compact tool for quick actions to measure angles in both degrees and radians.

Pissa Ruler supports programmers, designers, graphic artists in measuring angles or related tasks to get more precise angular readings.

Pissa Ruler Interface

A circular protractor scale is graduated up to 360 degrees (2𝜋 radian).




Core Features of Pissa Ruler

Show current value of angles

Projection line shown current value of angles.


Projection Line

Measuring Angles

Reveal the angle value by 2 arrows:

  • Left click (or space bar) to mark the first arrow.
  • The same action goes next that showing the angle value.
Marking Angle

Zooming Pissa Ruler

Resize the ruler by

  • Click on zoom symbol to resize ruler.
  • Or using key  S  to zoom in / key  L  to zoom out.

Locking Moves

Lock/unlock the ruler to prevent accidental clicks by:

  • Click on the navigation symbol to lock/unlock moves.
  • Or press key  M  for same action.
Locking moves

Switching Measurement Units

Click on protractor symbol to switch between Degrees or Radians.

Measurement Unit


Adjust transparency

Set transparent color to easily observe the objects under the protractor: scrolling the mouse wheel up and down to decrease and increase transparency respectively.


Click on the painting tray symbol to switch light or dark theme for clearly observation.


Always On Top

To keep Pissa Ruler floating over the desktop, select "Always on Top".



Beside the features are active by pressing the button, you can use the hotkeys for quick work:

S Small Zoom in the protractor
L Large Zoom out the protractor
M Moving Lock/unlock moves
T Top mode Keep ruler "Always on Top"

Saving your time for other creative works at the cost of a cup of coffee. Pissa Ruler is available on Microsoft Store.


  • Pissa Ruler Interface
  • Core Features of Pissa Ruler
  • Show current value of angles
  • Measuring Angles
  • Zooming Pissa Ruler
  • Locking Moves
  • Switching Measurement Units
  • Personalization
  • Adjust transparency
  • Theme
  • Always On Top
  • Hotkey
  • Share
  • Content
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